Heroic Darkshore

On the horde side the darkshore battlefront is now available but only on normal difficulty. Is this an expected behaviour or yet another issue.

Probably bugged
No seriously.
Heroic darkshore is Next week( i think, not 100% sure, could be bugged)

It will most likely be available the next cycle, after the release of the new raid this Wednesday to come.

You seriously thought blizz would dare give the horde an advantage?

The unified cries of a millions of oppressed “horde bias” army would shake the very forum’s foundations.


Heroic Darkshore will be only available next week when season 4 will start.

One piece of loot, i wouldnt call that an advantage or a cry for bias. ooh wait… yeah that actually happend already did it not? haha!

You already got that advantage within the first Warfront why do you complain now? :smiley: It was cruical for Uldir raid.

Yep, sadly it also goes both ways, as soon as the scale tilts just a little bit in favour of another faction you could hear the forums rumbling.

With scheduled maintenance on January 22:

  • The Darkshore Warfront now has a Heroic difficulty, with item level 460 gear rewards.
    o Please note: Heroic difficulty will become available in the first Warfront that begins in each region after the Season 4 transition in that region.

Quoted from:-

At least we wont hear of Horde bias this time.

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Yep Punny you won’t

Don’t be silly. The Horde will still have first dibs on the hc warfront on wednesday there will 100% be Horde bias posts because of it.

The thing is, if they artifically altered the flow of the WFs then there would be bias. But they don’t.

here’s an idea, put hc on a weekly or bi-weekly cooldown for both factions at the same time.

i don’t care about warfront immersion or w/e, i just want my veiled crystal and badges.

I just tried this 30.01. No groups were listed so I made one. It filled up very fast. We started and within seconds everyone was gone apart from me and one other guy. We got as far as the boss in Bashal 'Aran, by then I was fighting alone. It failed when Maiev died. I have no idea what to do. I never pug and only solo raid. Is it workingg/not working? No idea.

This hasn’t aged too well


I agree XD :walkofshame:

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