Heroic Wepon token wont work

Just finished my weekly and got a weapon token. was very happe because i hab a 272 weapoon and the view of an 298 was very good. so i went to the vendor for my kyrian and i could not buy any of the weapons. i Changed my coovenant and tried buying it with all 4 but it will not work even when bagnon tells me i got the right token for the weapon.
Does anyone else have this problem ? is there a solution ?

Did you check every page of the vendor? I bought a heroic offhand using token yesterday without issues.

i did i tried purchasing every single weapon just to make sure

Are you sure you are at the right vendor because i had the token on 2 chars and it work perfectly

The vendors that are in The Covenant Halls where you can get lfr, normal, heroic and mythic items. so those 4 right ?

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