[H][EU] <Blue of Noon> 3/10M Looking for Mage & DK

Blue of Noon was started at the start of Shadowlands on the server Ragnaros. We’re a group of likeminded people looking to get CE by the end of the tier.

We enjoy the social aspect of the guild, so you’ll always find someone on discord to play with. That said we also enjoy killing bosses! We’re trying to make the best out of our two raiding days.

We expect you to be able attend most raids and play your class to a level required to down mythic bosses.

We’re looking for a Mage and a DK to bolster our core raiding team. We’re currently sitting at 3/10M. We’re raiding Thursdays and Sundays from 18:00-22:15.

We’re also looking for people who can stand in for core raiders. We’re looking for one class in every role to help out. Though they will still be part of all other guild activities like M+ and heroic clear.

Are you interested? Add Xinity#2452 on Bnet and lets have a talk!

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