[H][EU][Kazzak]<Reach>AOTC 2/8M Mythic guild

Welcome to Reach!

Reach is a Casual guild which started in 9.0 and has successfully raided multiple tiers on mythic. Reach is Led by ex-mythic raiders and has an active community consisting of friendly teamwork focused players. Reach has recently transitioned to a more relaxed raiding environment focused on having fun while clearing content on AOTC and pushing Mythic and. Our current goal at Reach is to build soild foundations of a friendly teamwork focused community with quailty players which also, enjoy playing together before we push for CE. If these seem like a fit for you Reach is now recruiting for Dragonflight.

What we are looking for:

-Players Comfortable with communicating

-Players which are Comfortable with their class

-Are active players

-Players who want a friendly social environment

-Dedicated players

-Want to be apart of a team

Core strengths:

-Active inclusive community

-Working together as a team learning content and improving together

-Positive raiding environment

-Pushing Rio

-Community events

-Frequently form multiple groups to push high mythic+ keys

Raid times (server time):

-Wednesday 20:00-23:00

-Monday 20:00-23:00

Reach Kazzak guild recruitment:

We are currently recruiting likeminded players to bolster our raid team.

Currently recruiting:

-Need Tank preferably DH but other exceptional tanks will be considered

-DH Dps


-Ele/resto Shammy

-Exceptional players always welcome

Apply here:


WorkShy#21952 Bnet

JayT_1011#4718 Discord

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