[H][EU][Ragnaros] <AYAYA> 7/10 HC LF DPS and Healers

We are a group of former hardcore players, playing at a more relaxed pace now that we are boomers in our 30s looking for some cool people to progress with in a relaxed environment.

Progression: 7/10 HC

Recruitment is OPEN

WED/ THU - 20 to 23 central european time

looking for HEALERS AND DPS
Any class and spec may apply.

Ages 18+, the average age in guild is around 30.

We do not expect applicants to be heroic geared, but at least have put effort in achieving the best they can get at their current gameplay situation.

Contact me at Shieldie#5034 on Discord, or Shieldie#11100 on bnet

Boop, still in need of people, we also accept novices without raiding experience given they fit the conditions above.

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