[H][EU][Ragnaros] <Tactical Cookies> (8/10 HC) Looking to fill raid roster

Looking for a guild to get some nice progression raiding done, but don’t have any real interest in pushing into mythic? Tactical Cookies is a casual guild that want our members to be able to pick whatever covenant they want to pick so that everyone can have fun and enjoy the expansion as much as they can. We do however expect you to pull your weight and be willing to learn and adapt so that we can progress at a reasonable and steady pace.

If you are interested in a friendly smaller guild that, while not aiming for mythic raiding, still aims for ahead of the curve, steady progression and just overall trying to have a fun time playing world of warcraft, we might just be the guild you’re looking for.

As it currently stands we are looking for DPS classes to fill out the roster a bit, so if this guild sounds interesting to you, make sure to leave a reply and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

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