[H][EU][Tarren Mill]<Duality> 5/10MM Looking for a tank and DPS for mythic!

What can you expect from us? We do 2 weekly progression raids, soon to be moving to 3 (either Wednesday or Sunday). We also run Mythic+ on a daily basis, hoping to push keys as high as we can and get our vault gear for the week.

If you’re not into raiding as much, it’s also a very welcoming and active community that we want to grow! We’re constantly chilling in Discord chatting and having a laugh!

What do we expect from you? For progression raids we expect you to know your class, have flasks, food, etc. and know the mechanics. Discord is also required for raids. If you’re Mythic raiding and lacking some gear levels, we expect at least a +14 key to be completed per week (We will help where needed of course).

Raid schedule:
Progression Raids: Monday & Thursday evenings 8:15 pm - 11:15 pm realm time (GMT+1)

What are we looking for? We will look at every application, but currently for raid progress and building our core team, we are looking for:

  • Fire Mage
  • Unholy Death Knight
  • Holy Paladin
  • Discipline Priest
  • Any Tank Spec (ASAP)

If you feel like you’re still a good fit for our guild even though you are not one of these classes feel free to add us!

Otherwise, if you’re not interested in raid progression, anyone is welcome!

If you’re interested in joining feel free get in contact with us, message any of these guys:

Bnet: EDijkstra#2162
Discord: Ed#4960

Bnet: Scutted#2464
Discord: Scutted#1318