[H]<From The Ashes> Selling Boosts For Gold


We are From The Ashes, Horde PvE focused guild on Bladefist / Frostwhisper / Zenedar . We are currently offering boosts for gold on our server, Twisting Nether,Kazzak, Draenor and Tarren Mill.

BoD 9/9M Fullrun with Mount included (1,500,000.00g)
Jaina Mythic + Mount only (1,100,000.00g)
2x Jaina + Mounts Slots for You and Your Friend (1,800,000.00g)
XMog Run (8/9 only) (600,000.00g)

12/12H Fullrun with Loot Share** (540,000.00g)
12/12H Fullrun with Personal Loot (440,000.00g)
Best Loot Value 12/12H with VIP Loot & Loot Share Combined! Loot Share + (210000.00g) (210k) PER VIP Trader
Carapace + N’Zoth HC only (230,000.00g)
N’Zoth HC only (170,000.00g)
Carapace HC Only (100,000.00g)

Mythic Plus
Mythic +15 (250,000.00g) to (320,000.00g)

Discounts for M+ are as follows
Buy 2, get 10% off.
Buy 3, get 12.5% off.
Buy 4, get 15% off.
Buy 5, get 17.5% offf.
Buy 6 or more ,get 20% off!

For any more information, Feel free to contact :

Fourdy-Bladefist - Fourdy#2677

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