(H)<FTL- Ragnaros> Semi-hardcore curve seeking new members

Pre patch is here!

Good day folks,

Been a slog getting to this point for a lot of players but the new squish is here and members now have the opportunity to test potential mains for SL.

What I listed above for classes is still relevant at this point so you are free to contact us with those roles in mind.

I am online most of the day and you are welcome to add me for a chat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello community,

Last night we ventured into Ny’Alotha with a group of mixed experience players, surprisingly we knocked a few bosses over but our priority was to come together as a guild and chat all night. We sat on Discord and had a lot of fun during the raid, this is the important aspect that we seek to maintain.

Tonight we may go again or do Mythic+ but it really doesn’t matter the content we do as long as we stick together. BfA has allowed us to group up more often thanks to the SL delay and we truly appreciate the extra time we have to build on our atmosphere ready for SL.

All roles are open for both raid and Mythic+ and we’ll happily chat to anyone interested in joining us but we take time and use the conversation as a way to see if we fit.

Contact us on the Battlenet tag listed and we can go from there :ok_hand:

Good evening folks,

A small update from the guild which is basically that we are gaining members at a decent pace and will look to eventually close down recruitment until SL, unless we feel the need to add more faces. We are still actively running mythic keys of all levels to enable more members to take part, this will continue right up until the night prior to SL launching.

It’s a great time to be part of a smaller guild with realistic objectives, no stressful atmosphere or pressure to do content you dislike. You choose the class and content, we’ll be right there with you.

Please do contact us for more information.

Is this still open / active? Looking for a new home

Yes we’re still open, add me on the btag provided in the OP and we can have a lengthy chat.

Good evening folks,

We have been having a great time grouping up, adding a few Heroic boss kills from Ny’alotha coupled with plenty of mythic+ keys of all levels. Currently at 13 this week with an aim to get guildies a nice weekly chest on Wednesday.

Our spots are filling up pretty quickly and we are edging closer to temporarily halting recruitment. As of today we have 26 unique players in the guild with roughly 14 looking to raid in SL and the rest eager to continue mythic+.

Raid recruitment

We could definitely use the following;

Warrior or Death Knight dps with a Tank offspec
Any hybrid dps with a Healing offspec

Mythic+ is open to any and all roles.

Any further questions can be answered by adding me on LFC#21212

Hey Brewery,

I added you on Bnet, haven’t gotten round to actually starting the game and talking yet though. I doubt I’ll be raiding, considering my time.

However, I am playing either warrior, dk or paladin, with a tank spec for M+. Leaning towards warrior still, even though youtube says prot warrior is C tier atm… We’ll see when SL launches.

I will be getting in touch with ya, it seems you have an active guild going.

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Hi everyone

We are still looking recruiting for now either a Warrior, DK with a tank off spec would be ideal

Come and join the fun and amazing community no pressure

Add me for a chat Magicgnome#2103875

Hey folks,

Hope we are all doing good today, almost the weekend! A small update for anyone still interested in the guild, we are looking to fill the remaining SL raid team spots soon. This allows anyone who is still insure of class choice to get in the guild, get to know us and figure out their main ready for SL and first the pre-patch.

Always plenty of space for those who simply want to join up for anything other than raids, we will always have something going for you.

We also added the discord server to allow potential members an opportunity to check us out before committing to the guild. A welcome lounge is there for you and it acts as an alternative way to contact the Officer team if we’re slow in accepting your in game friend request.

Hey folks,

Been quite some time since we last updated the post, so here we are.

We are still in the waiting phase for SL and run events every night of the week to encourage members to group up and be active. For our raids we will certainly like to talk with a few more dps of any class.

We aim to lockdown the raid team prior to SL launch and avoid any recruitment issues for that side of the guild. Mythic+ is always open to all members and classes/roles. Now is a great time to join up with us and build a connection ready for the new content.

Hey there folks!

A great few days of welcoming new members, running mythic+ and doing the start of the invasion questline. Been nice to see a high level of activity so far and SL will only increase that.

Tomorrow evening a discord post will be made to reflect our desires for the raid team, the expectations and what we want from those interested in being part of it. Shortly after ( likely Sunday evening ) we will close the recruitment for raiders until we start SL progression in CoN so the next few days will be the last opportunity to join us in that role.

Social spots will remain open a little longer but eventually will also close so that we can keep the roster capped. We do not wish to have a large roster where players feel lost or ignored.

Contact me on the btag in the OP while you can :grinning:

Good evening folks,

What a reset it has been so far, finally pushed the raid team together ready for SL. Jumped into Ny’a HC for some fun and came out with 8 new bosses down in 3 hours last night so everything is finally falling into place.

New raid leader, new events officer in place and a solid team ready to start the expansion. The social aspect is booming with weekly events and chat flowing every evening, discord picking up activity through voice comms also playing a huge part in our guild bonding.

What we would love to add to our raid team is the following;

Warlock - any spec but to be active
Warrior - DPS with an off spec Tank
Priest - any spec

Feel free to contact me for a friendly chat and we can hopefully get you in ready for the launch, providing the conversation goes well :+1:

As we get very close to SL we would appreciate adding the following classes to our raid team as we love the buffs and utility they bring.

Death knight dps
Demon hunter dps

Contact me via the btag mentioned in the OP and we can figure something out :+1:

Hello folks,

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend! For the next several days we will be hammering recruitment to complete the SL raid team and the following is what we really want to add

DH Havoc
Enhancement Shaman
Warrior DPS
Priest/Monk or Druid Healer

We are always open to other classes but our team will remain no more than 20 per run with a couple extras should we decide to hit early Mythic bosses, which is an option should there be interest.

Social players are always welcome as we aim to run consistent mythic 0 at launch and many Mythic+ 1 week later in order to get the best available gear for CoN progression.

You are always welcome to add me for a chat either via LFC#21212 or by jumping into our welcome channel on discord.

Hey folks,

Isn’t SL such a refreshing change from the boredom of BfA!? We think so.

A lot of guild activity as you would expect and calendar events already scheduled starting from tomorrow evening. The raid team is looking solid as we approach the release of CoN and what we mentioned above is what we would still like to prioritize class wise.

Regardless of what we list, you are always welcome to contact us for a chat and we can sort something out for sure.

What a few day of fun we have had within the guild, 2 regular mythic0 groups running each day with a 3rd close to being complete. We have done our best to keep all online members involved and have even added a few more faces.

For the raid team we are almost ready to close the spots as we have nearly 30 members signed up for the 1st raid, myself and another member even dropped our chosen class to quickly re-roll over to a healer to ensure we have 5 geared healers for the 1st raid reset.

We would still very much appreciate adding the following as priority:

Havoc DH
Death Knight dps

We certainly won’t outright refuse other classes or specs so feel free to contact me for a chat. Many thanks for reading the post.

Hi, i would be interested in joining. ATM i can contribute with 183 prot pala, 181 balance/guardian dudu, or resto shammy/MW monk.

Good evening folks,

We are at the final push for recruitment for our raid team as our first guild run is tomorrow evening. Whatever is listed above is what we still require and the following is a summary;

Havoc DH
Death Knight dps
Healer - Priest but others considered

Social ranks always open to welcoming new faces, you will always have the opportunity to join us for anything outside of raiding.

Add me for a chat :grinning:

Hey folks,

Full normal clear and a Heroic boss in this reset which means we can now fully focus on HC progress after the Christmas break. Ideally looking to fine tune the raid team and as such need the following;

Havoc DH
Elemental Shaman

Open to other classes but limited spots available as our team needs to remain at 20+ currently. Downsizing may happen as progress moves forward but we will chat about the potential of early Mythic bosses should we still have the numbers at that point.

Socials always welcome as we offer regular activities throughout the week so please contact us should this interest you.

Hey folks,

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

We are still looking to add some new faces to our roster, specifically to bolster the social side. We have a lot of activity throughout the evening and our raids are going at a decent pace, although currently we are on a xmas break so this reset is not set for raiding.

We are ideally seeking like minded players who appreciate that real life is priority but when online, are willing to make an effort to interact and be part of the roster. A calm atmosphere and attitude is essential in being a part of the guild, we don’t aim to push raid progress quickly and simply enjoy working as a team where we will gain Ahead of the Curve in good time.

If this sounds like something you could be interested in then please add me or jump into our welcome channel on Discord, you can then message me for a conversation.