(H)<FTL- Ragnaros> Semi-hardcore curve seeking new members

FTL core team has merged into Town of Odyn - Wildhammer/Thunderhorn

Hello community,

Faster than Lag on Ragnaros is seeking likeminded individuals who appreciate grouping up and exploring the game as a guild. We like friendly and open players who fully understand that constraints of real life responsibilities but also value working on content together.

Social Members

Social spots are always open for anyone of any skill level regardless of experience, we will run events throughout the week for you to be part of if you like but it’s always voluntary. Should you find yourself wanting to tackled more difficult content then we’d be very happy to assist where we can.

Raid members

For those who want to join us on our adventures in a raiding environment and are confident with their class and specs, we’d love to chat to you. We highly prioritize individual player optimization when every possible so that you improve gradually outside of the raids.

We love a player who learns from mistakes and continuously puts in the effort to be a better raid member, who is open to suggestions and can take constructive criticism in a positive way.

Our discord server prompts you to make a quick application which will be answered quickly, to allow us a better insight to you, the player. Once completed you will be given access to our server where you can meet the members and begin your journey with the guild.


Specifically for raiding here;

DPS of any type will be considered but we’d certainly love:

  • Mage

  • Warrior

  • Elemental Shaman

  • Retribution Paladin




*Possible spot available, contact for more information.

We have cleared Heroic and gained Ahead of the Curve, weekly reclears will occur until we have 20 solid players, at this point we will step into Mythic with not focus currently on CE.

Raid days/times

Friday and Saturday 20:00 - 23:00 server time.

Old post

Hello everyone.

We have had some great interest and are still looking for more likeminded people.

Rerolls are very welcome aswell also if you just want to plant your character with us and first level it when pre patch hits :slight_smile:

Hope everyone who reads this will have a great day.

Best regards Raelona

Shame on your times sounds ideal guild I’m looking for don’t get online to 19.15 U.K. time

Luckily the raid content is flex, Mythic+ will be organised throughout the nights so no forced times on our members. Could be worth a chat in game perhaps :grin:

Finally work is done and my weekend can begin!

Happy to chat to anyone who would like to know more about the guild and our aims. Will be online in a couple of hours but on battlenet right now. This weekend is recruitment grind!

What a day… Mondays suck officially.

At least the guild is there to welcome me as I log in from a stressful day. We’re doing great as we bring in new members gradually, running lots of dungeons for those leveling up. We are still very much open to new members and would happily welcome you.

Our opening post details everything we aim to do as a guild but you are always welcome to contact me should you have any questions :blush:

Hey, that sounds good to us. We’re on battlenet so add us and we can chat more.

Hello Rohed.

You are more than welcome to contact us the day of pre-patch.
As Brewery has mentioend you can catch us on the Btag in the original post.

We look forward to play with you :slight_smile:


Hello you wonderful people,

FTL is coming along nicely, new members integrating themselves into our small community. We’re taking the time to become familiar with one another and build a strong roster ready for SL.

We are online now should you wish to know more :grin:

Ellooo there,

I have updated the OP slightly to reflect on what we would like to bring into the guild role-wise. Obviously things will change as we get closer to SL launch, pre patch is where we expect current members to choose a potential main.

We’re online all night should you wish to contact us.

Hey folks

A little update from us, added a few new members which has been great. Getting to know one another, forming groups when possible and looking forward to a stable pre patch ( we hope ).

A new poll has been place on our discord to allow those members wishing to raid in SL the opportunity to pick 2 days. Obviously not everyone will get their ideal days but we’ll figure it out in a way that hopefully benefits the majority.

We are as always open to new members and are here everyday ready to chat should you have any questions. Until then, we hope you have all had a fantastic weekend!

Hi! Did you already decide on raiding time? If 20:00 - it’s perfect for me.

Also, are you interested in recruiting Arms / Fury?

We are looking at times between 19:30 - 23:00st. Should we start at 19:30, the worst case would be you miss maybe 1 boss. Which you would kill at another point for sure, once our raid days are chosen we will look at the times.

Hey again folks,

Adding new members to our little roster and taking time to get to know them. The voting on our discord polls is almost coming to an end (Friday) so we will know what days and times we will be raiding in SL. Currently Friday/Saturday are favorites with 20:00 - 23:00st as the choice of times.

Still open to all who are interested in our guild and its aims, We would especially like to add someone who intends to play Tank role although we still have plenty of time to finalize roles.

Good evening folks,

Our raid days and times are now finalized as Friday and Saturday 20:00 - 23:00st.

*Due to SL delay, we will now temporarily focus on BfA mythic+ and jump into current raids when possible.

Hi, Faster than Lag,
Considering transfer to join your ranks :slight_smile: Are you still recruiting?

Hey Keliron,

We are very happy to bring in new members. Just need a quick chat to iron out any questions or issues. You can contact my in-game via Lfc#21212

Hello folks,

Another great night yesterday as we ventured into more mythic+ to help newer players gear up ready for next weeks fun night in Ny’alotha.

What we could use is another Healer and possibly a Tank depending on the interest in playing that role. For SL all classes and roles are open as members still don’t know their main choice until they try pre-patch changes. As always, DPS remains open.

In terms of activity, we have a lot of chat happening every night. Some great conversations as we all get familiar and a positive outlook to the eventual SL release.

Hey folks,

Been a great couple of days with members grouping up and venturing in to more Mythic+, gaining a few upgrades ready for our fun Ny’Lotha run on Friday but more importantly gaining experience with their new main characters.

Guild chat is active on an evening but also during the working day at times. It’s been awesome to welcome and get to know our new members.

Like mentioned above, we are open to Tank and Healers for future raids in SL (atleast so far depending on pre-patch). Always happy for any role when it comes to our mythic+ groups but we are very keen to add Tanks and Healers even if it is your offspec.

Hello folks,

I must apologise for the several days of no updates to this post but we have been super busy with the new members. Mythic+ has been happening pretty much every night and we continue to add new faces that we feel can contribute to our guild.

We are still seeking the below classes and roles as no-one has shown any interest in them just yet;

  • Warrior - all specs

  • Mage

  • Priest - all specs

  • Tanks - Any as we have only 1 that is 100% confirmed for SL

You are more than welcome to contact me on the listed battlenet as I am always available. Just 3 days to go until the pre-patch, perfect time to join up with us and get to know the roster.