[H]<Hammered> LF Raiders for Shadowlands

At present we are a group of raiders who have just transferred from an active Curve raiding guild to start afresh, seeking prominently DPS as we have other roles covered, but can be flexible. Looking for people who are looking to have a great laugh, be a bit wacky, while we still manage to gain AotC each tier!

Socials are always welcome!

Raid times are:
Thursday - 8PM - 11PM Server time
Sunday - 7PM - 11PM Server Time

Feel free to message me ingame @ MrPegasus#21893, or drop a line here and myself or someone from the guild will reply.

Hey there, I’ve recently started looking for a guild. Just getting back into the game after a break during BFA. Only started playing in Legion, had a decent run of it, got some experience in Heroic raids but then the group I was playing with disbanded and I never got into anything serious for BFA. Just got back recently and looking forward to diving back on in.
You can reach me on battlenet or discord
Grekel#2814 - discord
Grekel#11279 - battlenet

Still actively searching for more DPS, being both melee and ranged required

Still looking for some more DPS to fill out our ranks, predominantly looking for a Monk and DH, but still accepting all DPS!

With Shadowlands having a new official release date, and the raid releasing December 9th, now is a perfect time to join and be ready for Castle Nathria!

Still looking for more DPS, Both Melee and Ranged.

Feel free to add me on BNet - MrPegasus#21893, or drop a line here and ill get back to you asap!

I’m a Warlock looking for a raiding spot. I have been playing the game for 7 years and mainly have experience with M+, but I would like get into raiding come Shadowlands. I am also considering playing Shaman and/or Druid as alts, so I if there would be a need to jump in with those classes, I would be happy to :slight_smile:
My battle tag is: Althom#2383

Hi, i added you on Bnet regarding applying

If you are still looking for dps members for your guild, i would be very interested in joining. I am a highly motivated 20 year old, who has played in herioc raid guilds the past 2 expansions. Please consider me, and you can always reach me on discord or battle net.

Discord : Dam#1277
Battlenet : Buemester#2218

Hello im looking to join your guild mainly for raiding, i have been playing since wod constantly, and raiding.
I have a mage at 183 and getting my rogue up to speed as well.
I have added you.

My battle tag is : Re3eb#2563

Kindly contact me.

After nearly 2 weeks into the raid, we stand stong at 8/10 N and 1/10Hc!
Our guild has grown much larger than we anticipated and are now in need of 1 healer to finish the team off!

If you are interested please feel free to reply on here, /w me in game, or add me on BNET @MrPegasus#21893

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