[H]Holy paladin 8/10 hc looking for raiding guild


Looking for a raiding guild for shadowlands. I played ret at launch but it is honestly the most boring playstyle going so I have made the switch back to holy. It is a spec I am very familiar with and have had a lot of success with.

I was a mythic level raider in BFA getting 6/12 in nyalotha.

Little bit about myself:
28 years old
Raided in wow since the end on TBC usually at a heroic or mythic level
Always dedicated towards being the best raider I can be, spend my time looking at strats and guides

Available any day any time

Any more information you would like to learn feel free to add me on bnet T0m#21289 or discord T0m#8255

I am fine with server transferring.


Were currently looking for a Holy Paladin.
Please check out our post and if your interested, please do contact me.

Hey mate.

You just might be what we’re looking for in . We’re a bunch of “old” people who raid normal clear Thursday evening (starting 19:00st and continuing max 4 hours) and have a progress hc raid Saturday 13:00st, in a very relaxed way. We’re still in the proces of recruiting, but currently we find pugs via groupfinder, and have managed several normal clears, and have just had our first progress raid, where we went to 2/10 hc.

We don’t care if you are playing a class that isn’t currently performing high, nor do we care if you’re playing the “right” spec. As long as you enjoy what you’re doing and can learn mechanics, then you’re the one for us :slight_smile:

We could really use an active healer (our current healers sadly don’t have time for much more than raids) as we’re heading into the more difficult raid bosses as well as pushing m+ keys. If you used to raid Mythic, I’d assume that you’re able to heal at our level while perhaps being in charge of healing? As in planning when you’d use the specific available raid-cooldowns of each healer to counter boss-abilities and calling this out on discord. Currently we dont have any Mythic aspirations except maybe at the end of the patch/xp if we’re bored and looking for challenges.

Check out our recruitment post here: [H] [Draenor] [EU] , 1/10 hc Hey you – yeah you! We need you here! Read this now (Disregard that headline says 1/10hc - we do have 2hc)

You can add me on Elfeaterdk#2334 or on discord: Elftanker#9369, or add our GM via the tags in recruitment thread.

Hey man, its a bit lower in progress than you have but if you like…

Hi Relox, (sent this message via discord as well but your privacy setting did not allow) I’m a tank and officer for Continental Breakfast - Stormscale EU. We are a small group and guild mostly from the UK, looking to recruit a couple more members to fill our heroic roster and push M+

We raid Wed/Fri night 8-12 server time, 7-11 UK Time. We are looking mostly for 1 or 2 more healers, a warlock and a boomkin.

We are laidback and understand not everybody can commit to 100% attendance, but we are also semi serious and want to achieve and push content. Looking to be getting heroic on farm, and push +15 keys etc.

If this sounds of interest to you give me a shout :smile:

Hiya Relex, I just thought I’d reach out as some of the things you said made me think you might be a nice fit for us
-English so no language barrier
-Roughly the same Mythic progression as us in the previous tier
-Mid to late twenties
-Long term experience in the game (many of us are veterans)

I added you to battle net for a chat (I’m from the guild Fury) :slight_smile: