Hi new here and need help

Hi I need help with exalted for undercity
The problem is that I did a lot of tasks and what is needed and it turned it into a revered one and deleted everything I did from the beginning. What should be done?


I’m sorry, I do not undertstand.

If you did a lot of quests and goit Revered with Undercity, you cannot delete what you did.

Do you mean you deleted the character?

Which version of WoW was that character on? Dragonflight, or Wrath?

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i I mean I need to start making points again even though I already went through what you needed for exalted and I still can’t buy a mount from undercity

I’m still not sure I understand.

Beside the word Undercity in your Reputation pane, there will be a bar with a word.

I assume the word you are seeing is “Revered”.

When you mouse over that word, you will see a pair of numbers, like “1000 / 21000”

What are the numbers you see?

3000/21000 Revered

OK. That’s normal.

After you attain Revered, you must get 21,000 more rep to get Exalted.

You have got 3000 rep after Revered, so you need 18,000 more rep to get Exalted.

i think this is a good idea

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