Hiding EXP bar (Classic)



I’ve been looking for an addon that hides the EXP bar in classic, but haven’t found one yet. I am currently trying to make an addon myself that only hides the EXP bar. But all information I’ve found has been out of date. MainMenuExpBar:Hide() doesn’t work anymore, just prints an error.

I’m currently testing things in retail and hopefully there’s not too many changes between retail and classic. But I’m stuck.

Where can I find updated information about which methods to call, etc?


Looking at the latest interface code for classic, MainMenuExpBar:Hide() should work. It doesn’t work on live because the whole bar system was made more generic to add support for azerite bars etc.

You can find updated information about which methods to call by looking through the default UI interface code. Blizzard provides little to no documentation.

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