High Elves of the Horde & Blue-eyed Blood Elves

And what’s the lore behind blue eyes then? Isn’t it already a closed topic? If you ask me they only still exist to push the High Elf debate forward, even if High Elves and Blood Elves are the same and an eye color shouldn’t really be a reason.

Blue eyes had discursive value in the sense that it made people wonder (or hyped) about what kind of story could facilitate HE as part of the current BE race. And the quality of it, or lack of, in some cases.

Or how could the story involve certain collective of Silvermoon elves that somehow dodged the dominant trait that has defined their people since they were first introduced.
Or why would former enemies feel the need to join their kin again.

It’s really no brainer to see how said topic would be interesting for certain players

I would be happy if High Elf customization is available, either faction. But, didn’t the devs say they won’t improve Allied Race customization for now? So Void Elves are not getting regular skin, blond hair and blue eyes either :confused:

Defectors who join up the Zandalari Horde.

One-eyed veteran?
I know a rp guild master who play as one on KirinTor-Eu, with these exact colors (in fanlore and fanarts) since about ten years.

Not in 9.0, but Ion said that the customization revamp was an ongoing process.

But Night Elves might! Be prepared for extra buff High Elves! You guys are used to “almost” getting something you want by now, aren’t you?

Well, all hope might not be dead yet, but that’s a bit tiring still…

Haha I saw the (dark) blond haired night elves.
Fair enough, let’s play Highbornes of the good olde Quel’Thalas.


It’s happening. It’s happening. :star_struck:

The sun to bleves is only a symbol. They used to worship the holy Light but after the fall of Quel’thalas I’m not sure if they still do.

1: Blue eyed Sunreavers who were never corrupted in the first place.

So yes , it does make sense. The light is able to cleanse fel corruption and since the fel crystals are removed, they won’t be corrupted again.


The playable race will be considered a Blood elf in the most traditional sense of the word. Born and raised in Silvermoon.

So yeah, any player that wants to approach said customisation options as High Elves, will still be dealing in the same sort of fanfiction as those that consider the new Wildhammer tattoos an equivalent to playable Wildhammer Dwarves.

There will be no follow-up story that tackles said difference. And for all intents and purposes, you’ll be treated as any other green-eyed elf.

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I’m not saying that I wanted to roleplay a high elf with my blood elf, I just said that blue eyes make sense for blood elves.


I think Blizzard should have made this really clearer though, because people are already making their own plans for their RP looking for a reason in lore, like here and on the other forums there are already people saying how High Elves will now canonically return in Silvermoon, if that could cause a civil war, if the High Elves “joining” the Void Elves (the one with fair skins) can have children in a standard way or not…

basically with this customisation mess that everyone can almost be and RP as anything he/she wants, now everyone is looking for additional explanations in lore that Blizzard will not -and cannot- give them at all :stuck_out_tongue:

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They did put it very clear.

And regardless of how much people grasp or circumvent it, the answer given is simply one most did not like.

I would’ve loved to have writers expand on the ramifications regarding the lore impact several customisation options have. But the reality is that they do not seem to care about it at all, and the game will continue as if those were simply transmogs with zero impact in the story.

Yeah, much like your TRP background, you can come up with some elaborated story that makes your character be what you want him to be. But you’ll still be treated by the game the same way. Regardless of what you come up with.

You might want to imagine that you are a Wildhammer, or a Sandfury, or a High Elf. And now you might have the visuals that come with it.

But as far as the game goes, the stories that involve your character will still treat you as a Bronzebeard, a Darkspear or a Blood elf. And you’ll have to settle with the “fanfic” and the degree of acceptance other players give you as said character.

For the game, you’ll remain as one of the “vanilla” races.


If the peace lasts for a few more years , high elves might go back to Silvermoon, since ,with the reignition of the Sunwell and the end of the fourth war ,there is no need for them to be exiled from Silvermoon anymore. Maybe even void elves altough they can’t go near the Sunwell ,and I guess they are happy on Telogrus Rift where they can practice and study void magic without bothering anyone. Tho this doesn’t mean they will go horde. Just that they can return home if they still want to.

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I mean.

This would very likely be the case of most Blood Elves, whether they are Sunreaver or not.

It also goes for the High Elves.

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sigh And I wanted to see all the High Elf guys go for blond, rosy skinned Night Elves… So I guess that stops the hilarity of the High Elf discussion…

Its great isn’t it time for Civil War!

The sun to taurens also was, back in 2009.
Then the devs expanded lore and sunwalkers were created, and even later sun priests were named as such. So who knows in the end what we’ll uncover in the background of the background for the thalassians (if/when the devs create it).

As much as I would say about a BE player-character pretending to be a Sunreaver or a high elf coming back from a remote place - what you explain here is mere headcanon regarding one’s Player-Character. I mean, do any text in quests exactly state that you - as a PC - were raised in Silvermoon? Well you just happen to hear the story of your people as intro, then you happen to be there in Sunstrider Isle… at some point.

And even if it does: couldn’t it be a confusion from the NPCs themselves? (Just like, at some points in recent expansions, some NPC pretend to know some feats that I never played actually.)

Let’s face it: creating a PC was always a fanfiction anyway, from the begining, from the creation screen back in Classic. Wasn’t it?

That is quite true, but that’s Retail WoW. It lost a big chunk of the RPG vibe for long, the game since WoD and even before has “scripted” our characters …but that’s our own “responsibility” to impress our PC’s own story inside this universe, and definitely new customizations are tools for this.

If you let aside any value of “word of god” from the game text, but instead you just play immersively, just taking the “phenomena” from the in-universe point of view of your PC, then you’ll still be able to play the type of character you expect he/she to be for yourself - and to the extent of other players witnessing you actually look like it, indeed.

Because, who reads the quest texts? It’s just you the player. When the quest text is meant to be spoken by a NPC, and heard by your PC, and if the NPC calls you “blood elf” or “bronzebeard” instead of the race you are meant to look like, then why it wouldn’t be mistake from the NPC, mere confusion or legit ambiguity (in-universe)? Any discrepancy at this level is explainable.

That’s the way, the game experience is not a single-sided story like film or novel, now you are part of the process, and to some extent, legitimate for deciding.

For me it’s radically different because TRP like any add-on is not official gamedesign. It’s only visible for some players who also have it loaded. And its data are purely “nominal”, people write stuff, but it will never overwrite real (virtual) content as an unbiased phenomena.

To sum it up, the TRP’s power stops where other TRP users accept to follow and believe what is written on it. Yet, future customizations will be actual, objective, universally testified, witnessed appearances of the characters.
(You may not agree but I definitely consider that images are stronger than text and tale.)

Most high elves were born and raised in Quel’thalas and were exiled later. I don’t see the problem here.

Yes, just in case one was raised in Dalaran for example I guess

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