Highmountain tauren artifact animal forms (and KT+Zandalari too)

I’ve levelled my HT druid to 100 and got myself Claws of Ursoc, but it doesn’t change my character bear form. Seed of Ages (place where you can change your artifact appearance) shows me how my character should look like (bear with armor on his front paws), but instead he looks like the same regular bear with moose horns.

I’ve found an old topic where someone asked about animal forms for KT druid, who’s supposedly too don’t have druid forms from “first row”, but other should work (“Stonepaw”, “Avatar of Ursol”, etc). Is it also true for HT druids?

Does it all mean that Highmountain tauren, Kul-Tiran and Zandalari - all do not have first druid artifact appearances (“Claws of Ursoc”)?

In 8.1.5 Kul Tirans and Zandalari didn’t have base artifact forms(they didn’t even show in the Seed of Ages) but last time I checked they got them in 8.2. Haven’t checked that for Highmountain because I didn’t expect any change there, it had the base form exactly like normal Tauren. Maybe they did some other changes that affect Allied Races because KT and Zanda don’t have those forms for transmog odly enough. There have to be some bugs in the system.

Are you perhaps using Glyph of the Ursal Chameleon on your druid? The one that changes you to a random color variation of the bear form each time? The glyph overrides the artifact forms.

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Yes, thank you. That helped.

So, ZT and KT have all forms now and work properly now?

KT and ZT still don’t have the base artifact forms, just checked myself…

My zandalar druid never had this issue since they came out in 8.1.5. Always had my base artifact forms available from what I remember. Must be a glyph you used on your char.

Mine is there for my Zandalari druid. Perhaps you have an addon that’s bugging out the interface?

Ok, went to forge WITH claws equipped, base form is there to be seen (same as worgen, the slight reddish one) but if i take claws off and see tmogger, the base is NOT there, only black white and gold.

Have no glyphs on bear form and addons have no effect either.

Do you make sure to “right click” in the mog? Druid artifact forms require that you right click to see the other color variations and forms, since you will only see 1 weapon for feral and bear.

yes… "Claws of Ursoc only have THREE colors for me, not 4 as supposed to be.

take a look at this: https ://imgur.com/a/yErcb6U (remove space after https)

One explanation could be… If the druid is racechanged at 120, the base look is NOT unlocked… I just can’t prove it… yet.

Arh I think I know your problem then. I too have only 3 colors. This is because the fourth color is different for every race that was part of the game during Legion.

The fourth color for the races match up with the original color theme for the races. So blue for NE, orange/green for trolls, etc…

Therefore allied races that joined after Legion doesn’t have that fourth color.

So no in that case we don’t currently have a fourth allied race artifact option.

We do. It shows up as an option if you go to your class hall and change the appearance on the artifact weapon itself. For some reason, and I wasn’t even aware of this before seeing the screenshot, it doesn’t show up on transmog tab as an option. This is something I confirmed on my Zandalari, where the artifact forge shows four options on all rows, but my transmog tab only shows three of them, missing the very first you get.
When KT and ZT were added, the 1st base color was indeed missing but they added it in not too long ago. Granted ZT use the same base form as trolls do and KT use the same as worgen, but that’s better than straight up missing a color variation.

Oh wauw. I gotta go check out my zandalar color then :open_mouth: thanks for the info.

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