[H][Kazzak] <Inmates> 9/10M Recruiting DPS

Inmates is a newly formed guild created solely for Shadowlands progression. We are formed of a mix of raiders, some with previous cutting edge experience, to achieve cutting edge in each raid tier. The ultimate goal is to become a top 50 guild on Kazzak with a dedicated team to do so.

Inmates are currently 9/10M, 10/10HC looking for lasts spot to finish Mythic Raiding Lineup.

Raid Times are:
Wednesday (19.00-23.00 ST)
Sunday (19.00-23.00 ST)

All flasks and food are provided by the guild for the raid but we would expect you to bring Oils, armor kits and back up personals if required.

We are looking for outstanding players of any class!
Currently prioritizing:

  • Death Knight
  • WW Monk

We will of course review all applicants and any outstanding requests will also be considered.

Outside of this we are always looking for skilled players whether it’s Mythic +, PVP or other content. The majority of the guild is around 1300 Rio rating and assist with keys for main characters, alts and high pushes.

What we expect from you?

  • High Attendance
  • Working Microphone and being able to communicate in English
  • Previous raid exp, Cutting edge is preferred but not a must.
  • Positive attitude and the understanding of how Mythic Raiding works. You will not always have a spot for every boss depending on what we need for that boss.

What can you expect from us?

  • Prepared leader’s with knowledge of each raid boss
  • Dedicated raiders looking to push cutting edge
  • Flasks + Food provided for every raid
  • Friendly group atmostphere where feedback is provided in a professional manner

Sounds like something for you? Want a good group of people to clear content and play with regularly? Interested in helping out building a strong end game guild and a fun community?

To apply, please contact us on discord and we will discuss further:

Cyndicate (Cyndi#6131)
Bonehund (Bonedog#4277 )

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Still Recruiting

Council is down! Also amended the post to remove classes we’ve now found. Current still looking for:
Shadow Priest
Discipline Priest
WW Monk