[H][Kazzak] <Int> Semi hardcore guild looking to push world ranks in shadowlands recruiting

Int is a new guild forming on kazzak consisting mostly of friends who have raided together in the past. Our raiders have a solid history of mythic raiding and achieving cutting edge.

Our main aim for shadowlands is world 200~ eventually pushing Hall of fame.

Our raid days and hours will be the following:
Monday 8:00 - 12:00
Tuesday 8:00 - 12:00
Thursday 8:00 - 12:00

The guild will consist of 24 main raiders.
We are currently looking for the following:

Balance druid
Havoc DH

We have a really good community here and we plan to keep it that way, So applicants will be accepted or declined not only on performance but also attitude and ability to mix with our current roster.

We like to keep recruitment personal so we do not require any sort of application form to be filled out, We do everything via discord and you can find our contact info below.

If you think you’re up for the challenge and have the right mindset then do feel free to hit us up!

Discord - OnlyTrev#2694 [GM]
Bnet - trevormullin#2101 [GM]

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Priest spot filled.

Ranged/Melee open.

Still looking for some dps!

Healing roster full, Dps spots still open

warrior dps spot open

Had a warrior reroll - Spot now open for Mage / Priest / Lock

Tank spot and healer spot open - Warrior spot filled.

Tank spot filled. Last spot open for healer [Ideally resto druid]

Hunter dropped due to lack of time, Spot open for hunter [or tank]

Tank spot filled, Trading out the hunter for a warlock, Any warlocks in search of a semi HC guild drop me a message

Any lockbois ? (:

Locks locks locks locks

Up ya get!

Lil bumpers

Recruitment open again.

Recruiting 1 warlock/Spriest and 1 Warrior