[H]Mythic+ & Raiding Community (1 Day A Week 10/10 HC)

Is there a similar community for alliance?


Returning veteran here -old CE/AOTC raider. I’m really looking for fellow PvErs to push M+ (SKM and whatnot) and maybe some AOTC progression ^^
I tried looking for the community thru the in-game tool but I sadly failed, so I sent you a Battletag request, feel free to poke me for a chat :slight_smile:



Thanks for adding me!

Whenever you see you me online, just drop me a message. Apologies, can be a bit tricky finding people as I get quite a few requests.

Overall you seem like a pretty solid player and on paper it seems you will fit in well with us, I look forward to catching you soon!

Hey there. Just saw this post and I’m interested in joining this community mainly to do M+ on a daily basis. I play Shadow Priest (212 ilvl) and I’m almost 1k RIO. I’m always looking for some laid back guys with a bit of time on their hands to push higher keys. I’ve sent you a bnet invite so we can have a chat.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Added you in game also as looking to try and avoid pugging DPS on a regular basis for M+.

Added you on Battle.net.
I’m a holy paladin looking for a once a week raid.
For the first tier I tried mixing it up by getting AotC on my Brewmaster, but my pally (specifically healing) is where my heart is.

Interested by it!

Looking for M+ mostly but i might be interested by Raid if it’s only 1day a week.
2K1 Tank Legion
2K8 Dps BFA

A bit late in SL but looking to push at least in S2 for 20+

I mainly play shaman Elem, Hunter Bm, Dk Tank and War Tank.

Greetings, I was wondering, do you guys also do mythic raid bosses when heroic is done?

Is this community still alive?

Hi im interested for next tier, Im a skilled resto druid called Mylky on tarren mill looking for a decent 1 night a week raid team aswell as m+. I am currently 3/10m (guild fell apart), 10/10hc. My ilvl is 221 and my raiderio is 1428.