[H]Mythic+ & Raiding Community (1 Day A Week 10/10 HC)

We are now on a raid break until next tier, applications still welcome
Are you fed up of pugs?

The Mythic+ and raiding community might just be for you.
We are a group of players where our focus is building a like-minded community of Warcraft players who are keen to push keys and challenge themselves. Whether you want to raid in a competitive weekly environment with skilled, older players or run keys with guys who live and breathe mythic+.

As a group we actively encourage players to be social and build up rapport with other members in the group, as we thoroughly believe that you should be in a good fun environment while playing. Therefore, one of our main rules is that the use of discord and voice is a must for any mythic+ runs.

Our community right now is a mixture of semi-hardcore/hardcore players, many of whom cannot raid like they once use to 3 times a week and along with players who like to focus just on mythic+.

Our raids are focused on progression and we expect everyone to know tactics before we begin, as we only raid 3 hours a week it is very important everyone knows what they are doing so that we can make solid progression together. But at the heart of it we want a good solid environment where people can enjoy themselves.

It is expected that you are someone who has solid knowledge about your class, and you can play to a good level.

At the moment the majority of our players are focusing on M+, in above 14 scenarios up to 21.

• Must be able to speak English fluently.
• Must be able to use voice.
• Must be willing to gear up to a reasonable level.
• Must be of the mindset where you actively want to improve as a player
• Must be able to play your class/spec to a good level.

All classes, specs welcome to apply! (Especially for M+)

Please drop me a message below or add me on battle.net to talk further Vickram#2676

Once I accept your request please message me first as it can be a little hard to keep track of new friends, thank you for your understanding.

We raid once a week Thursday 20:00-23:00. We are currently on a raid break until next tier

All classes and roles are welcome to apply however our main priority right now for raiding recruitment is:

Mainly looking DPS - any class/spec
Healers always welcome to apply too (Esp Shaman/Priests)


Please message me first when I accept your request

We are currently 10/10 Normal and 10/10 HC.

recruitment is still in progress. You can also find us in the in-game community tab.


Seems pretty good. Bumperino.

pretty cool

Heey, sounds great. I added you!

Recommend returning veterans to join this community!

Id like to have an invite :slight_smile: Weeabo - Kazzak

I enjoy this community

Seems great joining a community like this, hit me up :slight_smile: !

I have send you a battletag inv ! Would like to join this community

Thanks for adding me. Whenever you are online just drop me a message :slight_smile:

Hey i will like to join . We are 2 friends ret/prot paladin and disc priest, mostly LF stable people to do m+ with and hang out. I sent you btag inv :smiley:

Hi thanks for adding me, I look forward to speaking with you.

What is your battle.tag name (apologies my friends list is a bit messy atm!) please drop me a message, whenever you are online.

This seems exactly the kind of thing I am looking for - Have added you on bnet (Reeb is battletag name!)

Heya, this sounds great, I would defo be interested in joining if there’s still room! Added you on b-net, my tag is BewmNewb#2337.

Sounds great. Would like to get in on the M+ portion mainly. Pancakes#21736 is my BTag.

I’m a 196 Arms Warrior and currently 7/10H, as well as around 450 Rio, which I’d like to push as far as I can.


I just added you on bnet, my tag is boeszz#2924.

gd stuff lad, interested

Still looking for more DPS to join us.

Still welcoming more players to join us.

If you still looking for active players, would be great if I can join your community.
I can bring 220 vdh, 215 MM hunter, 214 boomer

xsekox666x#2736 (my btag)