Holy/Disc priest LFG


Looking for a mythic raiding guild, I came back playing WoW again after a long break. I have a solid PvE experience since early WOTLK. I can be in touch on discord for anymore information. My goal for patch 8.2 is to climb back on m+ ladder score and be part of a competitive raiding guild.

Discord: Randavault#4689


If you’re interested in moving to horde on Ragnaros, Vex logging company achieved 6/9 mythic 2/2 heroic in the last tier and would love another priest in our healing team. We have a large number of people who love to push keys on a regular basis, myself included. If interested message me on discord lhollinrake97#6399


Good afternoon Mr priest

Here we go again is a newfound guild on the server kazzak.

Our goal is to progress trought the content getting Curve and CE without the stress of the most hardcore guilds.

Our raidtime are from 21/21:30 till 24 SVT to give the possiblity to people to raid at more comfortable hours.

If you are interested in joining or just to have a chat contact me (#gnappy2181 bnet) (murthag#6614 discord)

(#crim2246 bnet)