Holy pala word of glory/light of dawn does zero healing

Either buff both of them by like 100% baseline healing or remove holy power.

In no universe should builder abilities be stronger than spender abilities. Disgraceful how bad word of glory is.


I liked “the Lighthouse” lego in SL: Shadowbreaker, Dawn of the Sun
It gave Light of Dawn 40 yard range and placed a buff on your allies when healed by it that caused them to get full benefit from your Mastery (healing bonus, pretty much what Holy’s current talent for beacon does).
It also increased the Mastery benefit of WoG by 50%.
Now granted, this worked in sysnergy with the (Necrolord) Covenant lego that doubled up your casts of it after using the corresponding ability, but it was satisfying and with some tweaks it could be used here too.
But yeah, without 2 Blessing of Dusk stacks (= 6 holy power generators used) WoG heals for almost nothing, and now it also costs mana for Holy too, not just Holy Power.

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