Holy paladin button bloat

This is actually worse than brewmaster bloat i think, absolutely disgusting how you can make this spec and think this is good. Half the spells need to be either deleted or turned into passives.


I would prefer to have 10 buttons with valuable effectiveness rather than 30 buttons half of which do almost nothing or needed just to increase effect of other buttons for 5% for 5 sec.

But bone-headed dinosaurs think that outdated game design is something cool.
Don’t think, just push button every GKD or you will perform not good enough.

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at least they do something.
on feral , you got the same bloat and abilities got close to 0 effectiveness and all of them are on the GCD xD

I think I will always preference some bloat over none. Nothing worse than a 3 button class. But i’ve recently started looking into Holy and it probably could do with loosing or merging 1 or 2 buttons

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