Holy paladin is LF guild

Hello there :slight_smile:
I am looking for a one-night-a-week raiding guild preferable that is hitting AotC in every tier with maybe even a few mythic bosses for the extra fun.
I have raided with a mythic guild for quite a long, the guys even reached CE in Ny’alotha but meanwhile my son was born my life became busy and now I can not commit myself to 2-3 nights a week but I still would like to enjoy the game and that something-something free time I have, therefore I am looking for a new home.

I don’t have a favoured day, although probably would be the best to leave Friday and Saturday nights free. But I can compromise :smiley: I am usually online between 20:30 and 23:00 CET

In a perfect world that new guild would be an Alliance-Silvermoon one, but I wouldn’t mind a transfer or to spend a boost either so let me know whatsoever :slight_smile:

Feel free to add me on discord for a chat azandris#4008

thanks for reading :v:

Just putting this here. I know you want Alliance / Silvermoon but doesn’t hurt for you to know your options, right? :slight_smile:

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Hey! This is still a thing.
What has changed: Two night raiding guilds are fine too, but I cant really come online before 20:30pm and 23:00pm is the end of it for me for a day.

Im mainly looking for a guild to finish HC and maybe take a few mythic bosses down. Honestly Im not really into the mythic progession vibe on a long term :sweat_smile:
Other servers and horde side is alright as well :slight_smile:

I usually don’t like asking people to server transfer, but if you don’t mind then maybe you can come on outland :stuck_out_tongue:

Hiya, we have a guild on Silvermoon with a ‘chillers’ raiding team which has a very lovely group of people in it. I am wondering if perhaps it might be a fit for you. One of the two days could have been fine but now you can make two that could work too. The raid is always flex and one or two people have to duck out an hour early or join 30 minutes late so that might not be an issue :slight_smile: Asta#2730 if you fancy a chat