Holy Paladin The War Within Alpha Feedback

Holy Paladin General Feedback

I sadly do not have access to the Alpha myself, so I am forbidden from posting in the correct feedback thread, and so I am posting it here instead. As I do not have Alpha, this post will focus the mana issues the spec has at the moment and what can be done in TWW to address them.

Firstly, I want to say that I am extremely positive about the direction the initial changes have indicated. Redirecting power from Beacons to Holy Shock and Spenders is exactly what the spec needs at this point. It will help make our spot healing feel much better and responsive, and leans much more back in to the identity of the whack-a-mole spot healer. But I think we still need to go further, especially seeing as both our Hero Talent trees add a lot of additional fluff healing.
I think the prime target should be Tyr’s Deliverance. Tyr’s Deliverance is a pretty boring spell that makes up too large a portion of our healing due to its 1 minute long duration. The healing increase to HS, FoL, and HL it provides is interesting, but it just doesn’t feel appropriate to have so much power tied to this trickle-healing spell. I honestly think we would be best of by having this spell removed and having its power shifted to other things. This would also help with the button bloat problem the spec has.

Mana and its Rotational Impact

In recent times, Holy has had very few ways to manage our mana. So far this has not changed in TWW, and without major overhauling changes to the spec I don’t see this changing.

In Dragonflight, mana has become a limiting factor in our ability to keep up our
core rotation. As a combo point based spec with a short cd main generator in Holy Shock, it is essential to the enjoyment of the spec that we are able to cast this generator on cooldown, and spend Holy Power, without worrying about our mana. This is not the case in Dragonflight nor in TWW. Casting Holy Shock and spenders on cooldown eventually leads to us going OOM even if you cast no other spell what so ever.

I think this is the most significant problem of the spec at the moment, as it means we have to cast a copious amount Flash of Lights with Infusion of Light, even to the point that we waste the Holy Shock cooldown reduction from the Imbued Infusions talent. It is counter-intuitive and frustrating that it is wrong to cast Holy Shock on cooldown.

The core rotation of; Spend Holy Power, build Holy Power with Holy Shocks, and get Holy Power and cooldown reduction on Holy Shock by spending Infusions, is fun and intuitive, but it is unfeasible due to mana consumption of Holy Shock and Holy Power Spenders.

Holy Paladin is a spec with many different resources to manage, and mana is the least interesting and most frustrating of them all. As a combo point based spec that relies entirely on Holy Shock and its procs (Infusions) to generate said combo points, its is deeply frustrating that we are not able to cast that spell on cooldown without mana problems as it makes our playstyle fall apart to not cast Holy Shock.
It might sound like I am asking for Holy Paladin to have infinite mana, but that is not the case. I want the mana consumption shifted out of Holy Shock and Holy Power spenders and put in to other optional spells instead.


I do not like to give very specific ideas on the design of the spec, but an idea could be to once again make Infusion of Light give a lot of cast time reduction to Holy Light, which would mean that you could turn Holy Light in to our big mana spender without it having an utterly detrimental cast time.
This would create an interesting choice where you spend Infusions on Flash of Light to save mana, but Holy Light when you need big healing and have excess mana to spend. To truly facilitate this, Resplendent Light would probably have to be buffed to turn Holy Light in to a Holy Radiance-esque spell.
This is obviously just one solution, but I think it could be a good one.

I want to reiterate that I am extremely pleased by the changes the spec has received so far and I am very positive about how the spec is looking in TWW. It genuinely feel like our feedback is being heard, and I cant wait to get my hands on the Alpha or Beta to truly test our Hero Talents, and everything else.


don’t worry it’s holy paladin we’re tlaking about, they have plenty of time and i’m 100% sure they’ll manage to complete destroy the spec and make it the most unfun/unviable healer to play by the time the expansion releases, it’s blizzard after all :clown_face:

One open remark i have, is if the ‘spot healing’ we’re used too will actually come back.

With how Glimmer, Dawnlight and the return of Eternal flame work, is essentially turning us more into reactive spread healers, with some spotting through our beacons and who we can choose to Dawnlight.

If i’m understanding Dawnlight correctly, if you apply it to a DPS person they echo damage, likewise apply it to a healer and they will echo more healing.

Which means you can spread a nice steady stream of baseline healing throughout your raid, with some spot healing being your more active spells.

We’re more and more losing any ‘heavy hitting’ spells and it feels like we’re moving more into a baseline raid/party wide healing.

Also don’t get me started on Suns Avatar which sounds like it could be a pain to take advantage of.

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and if by some miracle they dont there will be a few very loud voices screaming for changes no one wants. which inevitably makes the spec worse.

right now i feel like a moron sat in melee hard casting like a lemon

i mained holy for 5 expansions. i got my first ce as holy. and right now the spec is just a depressing mash of melee and caster into some horrific abomination that is some how the worse of both worlds

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