Holy Priest (H) looking for a home

Been playing since Vanilla, decent healer, reliable, know the drill with raids and so on.

Is there a guild out there that is friendly, not cliquey, raids competently and is looking for a healer - and who won’t ask me to respect to Discipline - to bolster their ranks ?

As of Tues 12 January, my iLVL is 201 and I do have a Raider IO profile you can snoop on :slight_smile:

Whisper Nariella in-game / BNet #Nari2213

Hi mate.

BAF Horde

Were 10/10NM 3/10HC

With a massive social base, casual raiding guild that Raids 2 core nights Wednesday and Sunday 2100-0000 server time and a alt/social raid on Mondays 2100-2300.

Formed 2007.

Welcome to join us and see what you think.


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