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I took a break from the game and have recently returned and swapped to horde. I haven’t taken part in any raids this expansion yet, but I’m a quick learner!

I’m looking for a raiding guild that raids two days a week (preferably not mon/tues). I also enjoy mythic plus, so a guild that does those regularly would be ideal.

My character is currently 394 ilevel and I am comfortable playing disc or holy.


Hi - you might not be ready for progression yet, but if you feel like hanging out with us while getting ready, you can ping me at nodeuce#2858 or have a look here:


Heyy… Saw your post, my guild is recruiting and we’re all for helping people progress. Experience is not neccassary :). Only thing is we only raid 1 day a week. But if you want to check out my recruit post amd see if you like what you see Mithra - Recruitment

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Greetings Esmeraldine

Until The End might be exactly what you’re looking for, Please take a look at our recruitment topic to see if we’re a match!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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