[H] [Tarren Mill] Cutting Edge ambitions?


[H][EU][Tarren Mill] Provoke

Team building and continous learning to always improve in a transparent and safe environment is the key to progress through tiers and enjoy the ride.

Provoke is a newly formed guild that strongly belives that staying true to these core values will help us achive our goal Cutting Edge each tier starting from 8.2 with just two raiding nights a week.

With a body of officer and a core team of raiders with experience range from dedicated raiding in Vanilla to 9/9HC, 3/9 in BoD and 2/2 HC in CoS from other guilds and teams, we have the skills and leadership required.

We are currently forming our raiding roster and have started the training to come together as a team and be prepared for opening of Rise of Azshara.

If you:

  • Are ready to raid mythic content now,
  • Belives that individual performance is important but it is the team that achieves a kill,
  • Want to raid thursday and sunday evening but also hang out and push keys,

Then come join us!

Recruitment Officers battle.net: Gojji#2604, Nhilusa#2311 Discord: Gojji#9291, Syllvain#4916
Application: h ttps://forms.gle/veUuqW42w2jUAoDi6
WoW Progress: h ttps://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/tarren-mill/Provoke
Discord: h ttps://discord.gg/q33gQv
Ping for application link or join our Discord

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