Honor Gear Discounts Incoming

With the first Arena season starting this week, we are reducing the cost of Honor gear by 30%.

During the first week of the expansion there were some very profitable ways of earning Honor which have been resolved. With this change, players who are reaching level 80 this week will be able to acquire Deadly, Hateful, and Savage gear a bit more quickly, to prepare for Arena play.

This update is coming via hotfix soon.


Great change.


What about the marks? do we get some additional WG marks? or a discount to the items purchasable via marks? The honor is one thing, farming 1-3 marks every 3h while others could get up to 15 every 3h is kinda meh.

For certain specs its about BiS items also.


Great change, however the honor from random bg is still completely off - 50 honor first win of the day and 20 after that. If i remember correctly it should be around 6k for first win and around 3k for every win after that. There is 0 point in doing bgs right now outside a bg weekend.

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ok but can u fix this garbage wintergrasp lag?


I understand about the “Wintergrasp exploit” but WoTLK honor rates are generous enought to catch-up quickly

DO those ppl who already grinded out that 700k+ honor by running bgs get compensation or this is a another way to screw your players who bother playing seriously?

Also what about fixing the rbg reward? Or resilience if talking about arena, surely it will be very fun to play with not working resilience…

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whats wrong with resilience? seems fine to me

It doesn’t work on periodic crits

i think you mean bleeds on armor.

yeah bleeds ignore armor

Do you even read bro?

Made a bit of a mess here didnt they eh.

30% Discount should fix about nothing, almost comical solution. :+1:


Just this week? U should let it permanently for people who arrive later.

Theres alot of people who will only reach lev 80 in 1-2weeks from now.

People eho had time to rush are alrdy full gear and the rest will gear slowly but better with this buff.

What about late comers?

Just let it all the month, doesnt hurt anyone


Still no wintergrasp bug fixes. Awesome job.

Isnt there a bug where people are able to buy arena gear with last season rating?

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So we’re all supposed to have hit 80 by now?

What happened to the tip “all things in moderation even World of Warcraft”?


Make bigger gap between the already 80s and all other ppl who could not lvl yet because need to watch 6-7 hours ques. Or just simply did not have time yet. What if you just fix your 13 years old game, so no discounts would be needed. But its just a suggestion.

Tell me this is a joke. 30%?? How am I supposed to catch up to people with exploited Wintergrasp gear with only 30% discount? Didn’t they get like 15 WG marks and 60k honor per WG thanks to that multiple queue bug?

Delay the Arena release by a week at least. This is insane. They are getting free rating and arena gear because they outgear everyone else thanks to the WG bug.


You mean the people who abused the multiple queue WG bug? They are exactly the reason we are getting a discount. But the discount isn’t large enough to catch up to those people.


You want people who abused a bug/loophole to already be full gear to also be compensated for it?

Is your reading comprehension bad or are you just delusional?

Everyone who farms the gear now has to work for it for far longer than those who already got it, even with the discount