Honor system& wow news

So ok its 14th november and i wait for the honor system when will it happen and also unlike in the old times it really pains me that all the news about wow classic we get thru 3rd party and there isnt really a dedicated website with news regarding wow classic nor do the launcher give us any information!


Patience is a virtue

7pm UK time

Some birds said to me that Its gonna happen at 8pm today CET.

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And by “some birds” he means the blue post that’s been pinned to the top of this forum for days


Those are not just birds those are fat blizzard pigeons :slight_smile:


Still cant find any blue-post-info about the DHKs though.
There’s been a lot of rumours that dishonorable kills are gonna get added together with the honor system, even though originally they were added only in phase 3 (with bgs).
Has anyone seen any confirmation on this?

Not seen confirmation, but can only assume dishonourable kills will be in from the start and only apply to civilian NPCs

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That’ll change once phase 2 rolls around and we add the Honor System, which will introduce Honorable Kills, Dishonorable Kills, and PvP Rank Rewards.

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Will these cause server restarts or disconnects? If so that would majourly screw up my guilds raiding plans

well they always applied only to the civilian npcs. The problem is that since atm we can do only world pvp and there are lots of civilians in every camp and DHK are counted for whole raid not only the person who accidently aoe’ed it… GG :frowning:

only thing I’ve seen is:

There might be server restarts, but who knows?

Yeah, sorry just thought I’d clarify as some people still seem to think it applies to killing low level players

yeaaah, honor system -> all ally leaves servers -> end of the classic

Server restarts at 8.00 P.M. would mean the death of the log in servers, so I highly doubt there will be any planned restarts. I wouldn’t count on the hamsters powering the world servers not falling over from exhaustion though. If you are planning to raid, make sure you are inside the raid instance before 8 and don’t release if you die.

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