Hopeless situation of Enchanting Market ( and actually many more)

Dunno where to start this. The problem has so many reasons that i dont even think it can be solved or blizz will care enough about this. Many markets of Auction House literally swarmed by bots. Thats obvious i know. But some of them are also swarmed by exploiters. Biggest example of it is Sophic Devotion market which is Bis weapon enchant whole expansion.

Maybe some of you will remember but enchanting vellums were disabled many months ago because of the exploit. Actually let me correct. They disabled because someone exposed the exploit and all enchanters started doing that. Exploit were real since the first day of the Dragonflight but they took action after everyone started doing that. I wanted to remind this just to let you know how things work in this game.

I want to bring some attention to this matter because this is how they work. Without any attention any botter, exploiter , duper can survive for years in this game. The sophic market is so dead that there’s not even a single soul talking about it. If you check people who posting there you would be lucky to find any character that above 10 level. The reason they’re below 10 level is they’re either exploiters who kept their exploited sophics after vellum fix or dupers. I dont know if dupe thing works but many friends of mine says it works and this is why sophic market is literally loss for any honest enchanter for months not exploit. Either way it’s mind blowing that this market is literally loss for %70 of the expansion time and blizz still not doing anything.

Actually they did. They added 3 weapon enchants in 2 patches. They all worse than other. I dont know which weapon enchant they added in new patches is the worst one. Thats how bad they are compared to sophic devotion.

Now i want to tell you guys how these exploiters work in markets. Because they are not only existing in sophic. There’s some accounts they have for selling and there’s also another accounts they have to keep prices low so there will be no competition for them. They camp at high prices so nobody can flip it and after that they keep doing their business. Go look any market that bis for raiding or m+. Potions , Enchants , Foods , Phials. You’ll always see weird names constantly posting and there’s always campers on high prices that never sell their stuff. Just putting there to block people who want to flip the prices.

Long story short. When you want to start a profession but give up because it’s not worth. People will tell you it’s always like this after 3-4 months of expansion. It’s not. Demand would be always enough if there is no bots and exploiters. Prices would be so much better without these people i’m talking about. It was never the demand it was always supply created by bots and exploits.

Some auction addons that still legal is beyond me btw. People doing many things they cannot do manually with them and blizz ok with that. Especially posting and sniping stuff. Also the dupe thing is only possible with some addons. I know many people using that addons will be hating this post. I mean i saw some topics that people were defending bots here.

As i said i just want to bring some attention to things happening in many markets and also let casuals know why you’re giving up professions right after you see prices. To be honest i love auction house more than raiding and mythic but it’s just not fun with this problems.

If any GM look at this post just go take a look at Sophic Devotion market. Look at it’s price for months and the materials cost for months. Even a GM who loves enchanting would drop that profession after seeing that lol

You probably have a point.

This is what WoW team says when they see a ticket lol. Hmm you’re probably right. Let us investigate this for eternity and we’ll back to you.

While what you say is atleast partially true there is one point where I feel the need to make a correction here:

Sophic was not the bis enchant for every spec. It was the one you used on some specs when you needed a balanced gain on both offense and defense. Offensively there were better enchants available, like Frozen devotion.

In season 2 shadowflame wreathe was the best option of most melee DPS, with Frozen devotion being second best.

Outside of botters tanking the material prices there are other contributibg factors to the large drop of crafted material prices. A lot of people swapping over to gathering professions and the existence of Resourcefulness as a stat all contributed on top of the botting in ruining the market.

Exploits also lowered prices for specific professions (tailoring comes into mind) indeed.

Plus people do not have that much gold in general, which also shrinks down the market.

You’re right about spec stuff but TSM shows selling rate and sophic market is like 10x of other wep enchant markets combined. But still you’re right about many points you made.

Btw in the beginning frozen was bis due to ilvl thing. After ilvls go higher and higher people switched to Sophic yeah.

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