[Horde] [Aggamagan] UH DK 211 ilvl lf raiding guild

Character Name: Bellisarius
Realm: Agamaggan

I am looking for a raiding guild with at least 7/10 HC progress and plans for exploring mythic. I prefer raiding twice a week, and if on weekends, then I prefer afternoons.
I am playing a UH DK with 750 IO atm. I have 8/10HC progress, but pugging is not fun. My current guild is progressing slowly and are too casual for my goals. I am looking for a friendly atmosphere, where laughing and memeing is allowed and encouraged. I would really like to down a few bosses on mythic this patch :slight_smile:
I am always on time and ready, I am a big fan of Castle Nathria and dedicated to progress. I have purple logs on normal, and a mix of logs for HC, but HC progress has only been done with pugs.

I am 26 yrs old and haven’t played WoW since Vanilla. I live in the UK. I have a steady job and a wife :slight_smile: My current job is flexible and it is possible to finish early and play some WoW on workdays. I really like this patch and want to progress.

Hey Bellisarius!

If you are open to transfer then:
I’m from Elusive Footwork on Twisting Nether currently 9/10 HC and we are looking for Unholy DK’s so we can start to push into Mythic!

The guild has achieved Cutting Edge before in Ny’alotha, and we are aiming to so in the future, while having a fun atmosphere in the raids. In raid during breaks we like to gamble between each other and make fun of our raid leader who tends to loose all his gold. Quite a few of us are from or live in the UK as well so I think you’d fit right in.

Our Raid days are Thurs/Sun/Mon from 20:00 till 23:00 Server time.

You can read more about us on our WoWprogress page!

If you are interested please add me on Discord: Saluun#5057 or if you prefer Bnet: Saluun#2750

Hi Mate,

Hope you’re well, we are currently looking for a DK and would love to talk to you more.

We fit perfectly with your request of 7/10 HC and looking to push mythic as well as the banter, meme’s and atmosphere.

Please have a look at our post below and let us know if we interest you.
PS Saluun post above also sounds appealing. :slight_smile: