Horde/Alliance inbalance

Must bring diapers with you now mate. No point playing alliance when you basically can only walk for 10 seconds. The horde outnumbers, so it does not matter how much skill you got. Sort of sucks… :slight_smile:

Sort of irony yes. But i understand his point of view. I’d put it in perspective for you…

If i would hold you under the water, you can’t breath. It basically takes you milliseconds before your body react to it and you do some hasty movement to be able to breath again right? Think about that but there are 500 people standing in line and waiting for their turn to hold you. Sometimes you are lucky being able to breath 5 seconds and sometimes 10 seconds.

That being said, you understand his concept of pointlessness playing this game for killing some time. A worthless version of Dark Souls.

Alliance are such a noobs . Talking excrements on forums and than femaledogging about getting killed when you don’t see alliance in group less than 5 with at least 2 60s Constantly Corpse camping low lvls. When Blizzard made human racial OP on retail all noobs rolled alliance 'couse they need so desperately huge advantage to keep up in pvp.

Says the Orc. lol.

I like that quote of yours, call people noobs when they are getting outnumbered of outstanding 70% horde ratio.

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Hope you enjoy to stay on your Inn in South shore Alliance xD. Every time you try to push you get rekt and goto Inn instantly, even if you are more than us. Did you get Tarren Mill one time since the release of honor ? I doubt lol.

The skilled guys on Alliance are on BRM wiping our Horde raids every week, because Alliance seem to be more organized when they play in guild, I recognize there’s some good guild on Alliance side (check Warcraftlogs speed on MC, top 10 is full of Alliance guild only 2 Horde guild and 1 is already disband), but the average alliance player is a solo guy that die over and over in South Shore and whine on forum about ratio & Census when nobody except Blizzard have the real stats.

It would be rly bad if it was the other way around, alliance can mathematically never win.

Not really true, sometime i see with SpyClassic Alliance have mostly the same amount of people than Horde. But we seem to have better Mage in Horde that use FAP + Nova by surprise and catch most of Alliance guys when Alliance try to push. I don’t say Alliance Mage are bad, but most of them are just rushing in front lane with nova and catch only 3 or 4 guys, when we catch the entiere raid by surprise on side. Sure ok it’s easier when we push and you are stuck into SS, because we have more space to prepare trap. But try to be more organized, don’t rush front lane with your Mage that get counterspell and instant die, use consumables, and you’ll start to have better result.

But anyway, every week we wipe in BRM and loose buff so …

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sure… :slight_smile:

heres a tissue for your issue.

I have been in a couple of Alliance raids in Hillsbrad and in the few times we could win major-scale fights and could storm Tarren Mill, we just didn’t. We’re not dum-dum enough to farm DKs like you guys do. Instead we would fall back to middle, let you guys regroup, charge in, and kill you all over again. Then of course more zugs would come and we would be out-numbered so we fall back to SS and laugh at your civilian pulls while still cashing in on those sweet honor kills.

BGs cant come out soon enough to be honest

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Yeah it was a good move of them! :slight_smile:

True, Horde is trolling every time with DHKS. It’s insane … And made everyone mad xD.

Human paladin … ain’t that a beyoooch

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