Horde/Alliance inbalance

Has Blizzard got any plan to address this? I’ve hit 42 now and i’ve found there is basically no way of leveling in any questing zones during peak hours without being ganked by horde.

I understand world pvp and am an advocate for it, but prior to phase 2 there is zero reward for killing other plays besides the fun, and i don’t see the fun in 4-5 vs 1, every horde i come across leveling i leave alone unless they attack me.

As phase 2 comes in this will change, but right now there is very little incentive for alliance to level in their own continent.

No FP in badlands, No FP in Swamp of sorrows… Horde have flight paths in both of these areas and have a massive population advantage.



From the stats i’ve seen the H:A ratio is ~3:2, some servers are far worse and nigh on unplayable. It’s detrimental to the experience and something should be done.

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i like nothing better than gnome hunting


Soon you will have no gnomes to hunt. WPVP with noone to pvp against will sure be fun lol


sounds like a l2p issue


Plays on a PvP server
Complains about PvP



This week(CAUSE BLIZZ REMOVED LAYERS) contested areas are so much overpopulated that ppl only try lvl up end staying one spot wait for spawn or run like headlless chicken that get furstrated, those ppl are in case of killing anything they see in sight sound like your situation more like…

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checked today with censusplus addon (started at same time)
4401 alliance 8434 horde

you think 75/25 is good? there is 20k more horde on this server.

Let me tell you something guys, horde are all unskilled pvp players, this is coming from a pvp horde player, they need racials like will of the forsaken, orc stun resists etc. please do not give up on alliance :slight_smile: just because some sad kiddos unfortunately make your day a bit harder, we will have our revenge, I do some solo trips and ravage some hordies, but I know when bgs hit, we will have our revenge.


i have never encountered a horde who did 1v1,lies I did once in feralas in the yeti cave, a warrior 46 attacked me and died twice, needless to say he didn’t ress again :slight_smile: that is the only 1v1 horde encounter.

not to mention a lv 50 warlock who died by my hands, he used void sacrifice, healthstone, will of the forsaken, i can go on and ramble… :slight_smile: he used soul stone in the end to get the killing blow :stuck_out_tongue: all i’ve had was interrupt from felhunt and hs :slight_smile:

should of rolled on a Normal server if you dont like being ganked. Im horde on Shazz and tbh there is just as much Alliance scum floating around as horde.

As a horde player i can tell you i get ganked constantly and it feels more like the opposite, this is clearly an Alliance favored realm!

Depends on the zone you are in. Whilst in hillsbrad there is clearly more horde than alliance in stranglethorn vale it’s the complete opposite. But whilst the only area in hillsbrad where battles happen all the time is the yeti cave because of the limited ressources (mobs) in stranglethorn you get killed by 4-8 alliance all over the place.

In the end the grass is always greener on the other side and the others are bad and everything. It’s a human mind thing to not see the fault by himself.

It is somehow a balanced server.

Alliance: 42%
Horde: 58%

Just reroll on a wanker server if pvp is too hard for you

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whare did you get these numbers?

Classic WoW Realm Population Report - Data Aggregated Through Community

What this shows is Russians are mostly carebears (alliance)