Horde-Alliance ratio

As you all have probably noticed long time ago, H-A ratio is something like 0,1:1
In my opinion this mainly happened when server was overpopulated and Blizzard put free migrate. That made like 90% (number just a hunch) of Horde to leave, and it haven’t got any better.
I know we can play with other servers, but for example keeping PvP on as horde is very frustrating when you can only see alliance out there. Just before they knock you to choir in 5v1 “fight”.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound whiny, I’m just hoping that there would be something to fix this. Like free migrate in for horde, or something.
I can’t be alone with this thought. Or I hope I’m not.

Any thougths?

in 2013 they gave free migration to other realms from outland and instead of just making it alliance they made it both.It destroyed the horde really and never recovered

There would be plenty more replies, but they don’t play here anymore.

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