Horde <Altar> Recruiting all kinds of classes and roles


is a new cult… sorry… guild, based at the Doomhammer realm. This easygoing place of worship was created initially by me and a group of friends to serve as home to our alts, but quickly the common feeling between us of disliking to play without friends made me decide to open recruitment and start looking for like minded people.

We are a social casual guild, looking forward to raise our numbers and in the future, once it is possible, begin to raid and who knows maybe also some PVP. We will mostly be active in the evenings during the week and weekend, and we are looking for players of all levels whether completely newcomer or a veteran.

Soon we will have a Discord which will mainly be used for WoW, but other games also should there be any common games we play outside of WoW.


We want to build a community in which players can, while doing solo or group content, have people who will actively engage and offer help if need be. We also want to create situations where we can run together dungeons and raids, older content and maybe PVP.


  • A silly sense of humor.

  • A developing community where people want to create a fun guild, with interaction, offer help and do group content whether new or old and above all offer an enjoyable gaming experience.

  • Moving forward - We will strive to improve the guild and to offer benefits to all players. We want to be able to offer players consistent possibilities and an overall fun guild & game experience.

  • Help for New/Returning Players, we want to actively take time to help those players who are still new to Shadowlands or WoW in general


  • For everyone to be respectful to everyone and most importantly to have fun. Sexism, racism and homophobia will not be tolerated.
  • Patience in knowing we are actively trying to build this guild up; we are dedicated to progressing and that there will be newer players online.

If you have any questions, or are interested in joining, please feel free to contact me on:

via battle tag: Amok#21288

discord: Amok#5742

Or simply look for Altar in guild finder, send a request and start praying. :slight_smile:

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