Horde Druid LF New Server and Guild

Hi there,
So I like most started when launch hit and hammered the game to get to 60 and start my journey getting pre bis. However IRL issues occurring I had to step away back in December and haven’t played much since.
I am on a PVP server and I’m looking to switch to a PVE server to concentrate purely on raiding and finding a great guild and community to become apart of.

Myself I am almost 40, from East of England, Father of 2. Started playing WoW around 6 months to a year before TBC came out and have played for the most part up until WoD, then came back for Legion and quit again waiting for Classic.

I am looking for the right English PVE server to join and find a great guild, have a 60 druid who can be specced to do whatever is needed and will be lvling a Shaman/Priest once I have moved.

Any raiding sized guilds interested, please get in contact so I can arrange for my transfer, thank you all.

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