[Horde] Elite Legion - Late Night Guild - 8/8 BWL

Elite Legion is a Guild that started in vanilla right in 2004. At the time we, Archangel and Thunder Brood Clan dominated on Burning Blade, later on Grim Batol and lastly on Aggra server. Meanwhile people grew older, got married, had kids and eventually left the game but the frindship stayed aside of wow.

After 15 years without loosing personal contact we returned to embrace wow classic, wiser and with much more experience.

We want to do all classic content and at the moment we intend to solidify our core group with recruits. BWL is being farmed and we’re preparing for AQ40.

We’re on Stonespine server, Horde side and we raid Wednesdays and Sundays on a late night schedule, from 10:30 to 1:30 SERVER TIME. Loot distribution is performed via DKP.

So if you’re looking for a cool gang, rock solid and with many years of wow, now is the time to join us… go to elitelegion. epicgamer. org (no spaces), register and make your application or visit us online.

See you in-game!

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