Horde Guilds on Ghostlands & Dragonblight

As most of us have probably noticed over the years, and recently, there are less and less of us on this server now.

To this end, i wonder, if its worth communicating with each other to get a viable idea of the state of the server. one immediate example: it currently seems that horde doesn’t have the manpower to do mythic raiding, so people should know this in advance and not be disappointed when they are unable to do it. likewise, if they are unable to get into heroic groups, or even normal groups, they will know there are active groups clearing this.

i have contacted the 18 horde guilds that got at least 1 guild kill in Uldir and have so far gotten replies from half of the GM’s.

i am thinking of creating a community that GM’s and one officer per guild can join, so we can liaise together, and help each other to complete the most content we possibly can do on Ghostlands. off the top of my head, the only 3 rules would be, be nice to each other, dont poach players, and pull your weight in activities. although these rules dont really need to be said going by the friendly replies i’ve had thus far from GM’s. :slight_smile:

As i dont know how many horde guilds exist on Ghostlands that dont raid, but may be interested in low tier raiding, pvp, achievements or any community activities,

I’m putting this call out to all guilds on Ghostlands

that a) have a sizable number of members, or b) do pvp rather that pve, contact me in game or here if you are interested in joining this community. the above rules apply. we could theoretically have 50 GM’s and 50 officers, so 50 guilds could be represented, and while i dont expect to get anywhere near this number of replies, there may be fragments of once “known” guilds that now are pure casual or use battlenet for raiding.

This will be implemented over the course of the next month or so as i know the gm’s and officers are very busy atm organising the new raid and real life stuff.

also, to ALL guilds on Ghostlands, as a survey, feel free to message me here or in game with:

  1. number of toons in your guild
  2. rough number of active players
  3. specs you are finding hard to recruit
  4. interest of your guild (raid, M+, pvp, lvling, etc etc)
  5. state of your guild, activity wise
  6. any other details related to the “health” of the guild as a direct result of the servers low pop.

sorry, bank guilds need not apply :frowning:

final note, to blizzard, you caused this low pop on Ghostlands/Dragonblight. consider injecting about 5K-10K players into our connected/merged servers to bring back life here.

final final note, well done all ghostlanders and dragonblighters. i’ve known some of ye for over a decade now, and as balls as this server has been for years now, ye are nice, friendly and fun people. i’m glad to be with ye :slight_smile:


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