Horde - HC raider looking for new guild for 8.3

Hey hey.

I’m looking for a new raiding guild before 8.3 drops.
438 SV Hunter HoA lvl 70 (no i won’t switch to BM or MM). I play SV as its the one i enjoy most, remember when people used to play what they liked? I still do :stuck_out_tongue:

New guild must be active, raiding twice a week and m+ be an active thing, i’d prefer to do more than just a 1 +10 each week.

When it comes to raiding i do take it seriously. I keep myself simmed, correct stat prio and i know my class and spec.
I want to be part of a productive raid team, not just any random guild member can come, its cool to carry on farm runs but not on progression.

The only day i can’t raid is a Thursday. Sorry I don’t want to play alliance and again I’m SV, not BM or MM.

Drop a reply and if i like the sound of things i will be in touch :slight_smile: