Horde Hydra! [H PvP]

To the Horde of Hydra:

  • Are you Level 60?
  • Have you got 3000+ health self buffed?
  • Do you know your class well?
  • Can you follow and or issue tactical instructions with a smile?
  • Are you tired of long BG queues against impossible odds?

Then contact us in game to join our Organised PvP channel.

  • No guild requirements
  • No participation obligation (although we hope to fight alongside you in glorious battle and rise through the ranks of the Horde Army with you!)

We aim to organise fixed BG on Horde side Hydra for those willing, able and available, starting with WSG, AB when it’s out and AV if we get the numbers. Perhaps even some World RP PvP where we will destroy everything the Alliance holds dear.

On the requirements:

The 3000+ hits is minimum requirement to ensure that you wont get one or two -shot. You must gear up for war before entering the battlefield.

Team play is important those players who can only res, run to nearest fight and die need not apply.

We are looking for leaders as well as those that can follow:

Leading means having the overview to direct the movements of our forces, re-prioritising objectives ad hoc and keep the moral of the troops sky high!
Following means sticking to the plan even when you don’t agree with it in the moment.

As a part of the Horde Hydra PvP force you will have the opportunity to do both but we will only have one leader per match.
Those that feel they have what it takes to lead will take turns in leading the troops into battle.

You also need ice in your stomach and a cool head. In PvP things are hard hitting, move fast, are violently hostile and disastrously unpredictable.

When you get hurt focus your energy into identifying the lesson, not on who to blame.

If you need to vent frustration do it between matches do not waste time shaming your brothers and sisters, get up, move faster!

All players are real people so treat the enemy players with the respect they deserve.

In character I need you to beat the enemy to an inch of death with their own torn off limbs and eat their still beating hearts in front of their dying eyes as they exsanguinate.

To the Alliance of Hydra:

I look forward to lock eyes with you in a wind furious vortex of steel, flame, blood and magic and snatch victory from you in glorious battle!


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