Horde is wondering: How's Alliance side doing?

Hey, Allies! We here on Horde side are wondering how many future corpses do you have for us XD <3

Joking (or not) aside, we were wondering how are you guys doing over there. Here on Horde side things are getting better. Getting more recruits almost every other day and our guild is getting organized more and more.

We sincerely hope you are on the rise as well! See you on the battlefield!

For the Horde

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Like 3-4 actual people online during evenings. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
Then there’s tons of bots and speedrunners doing 1-5 over and over again.

Didn’t you guys have a guild there? “Recharged” I believe. How is it going?

Yea, Recharged is still around and doing well.

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Good to know. Keep it up, you guys.

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Hello @Matiska I’m relatively new to Zandalar as well.
How are you guys doing these days, have more people joined the alliance and your guild?

I was thinking that we could also post threads like this on the Classic Era general forum instead of server specific forum only, this way more people will see it and may join us.

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