🇪🇺 [Horde] <Malevolent> 10/10 MC & Ony clear


About us:
is a semi hardcore guild with an ambition to clear all PvE content as fast as possible with only 3 progress days per week. In those 9 hours of raiding, we aim to make them as efficient as possible and be competitive on clearing speeds. Outside of raids you can find us either making a name for ourselves wPvP’ing, farming that sweet honour in BG’s to reach those prestigious PvP ranks or even farming dungeons for alts.

Who are we looking for?:
We’re looking for like-minded gamers who are mature, english speaking and have a working microphone and are not shy to use it. Players who bring all relevant consumables, have knowledge of upcoming bossfights, 90%+ raid attendance, are attuned for Ony/MC, farmed pre-bis and willing to min-max.

Our Raidroster:
We have a healthy roster - as a semi-hardcore guild we are looking to have a positive impact across our server and have the reputation of being a top tier progression guild. This will mean that all of our members will have to be of a high standard and perform at a respectable level. It is important for each individual to care for their own and the whole guilds success the same.

Right now our roster is full, only exceptional applications will be considered.

If we don’t reply in 2 days you are declined

Raid Times:
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 8-11 PM CEST for Progress raids - (Once on farm, we will clear all raids in 1 evening if possible).

MC: clear
Onyxia: clear

Loot System:
Loot Council

Discord-ID Fluffy#6373
h ttps://discord.gg/rx7veDr


lol you won’t get hardcore ppl with this sad composition


did we not accept you or something? I don’t get the point flaming us, since we had not much interaction with the server as of yet, bu you have your reasons, I’m sure.


My apologies, didn’t mean to flame. I didn’t apply, just giving feedback


ah fair enough, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


i whould like to request a invite for your guild :slight_smile:
i am 39 years old, from norway… played the game for 15 years, raided back in vanilla, was rogue class leader in MC/BWL…
i played hunter back in vanilla aswell, but only as alt… and i have played hunter in most raids sence TBC… so i have somewhat knowledge about my class…
i stopped playing retail totaly, due to i am sick of all the "M+ spam, achivements requirment and the general ilevel needed to do anything… i am tierd of all the randomness of gear, with TF/WF… and i LOVED raiding in vanilla…
i am currantly only level 35, but i use my sparetime ourside work and gf to level up… if you mean 4 weeks from release, i should be fine and level 60 by then. :slight_smile:


Hey Rêt,
if you want you can drop us an application and we will come back to you asap. The form is linked in the thread :slight_smile:
Until then, happy leveling!


Alright :smiley: done…! :slight_smile:


did you receve it? or was it declined? :slight_smile:


updated recruitment!


updated recruitment, we want 1-2 mages :wink:


best Guild EU


makin sure this doesnt get locked