[Horde] Mayo Fusion recruiting for BWL

We arelooking for members to expand our core raid group.

Casual+ would describe us as we do try our best on improving our runs efficiency, self improvement and expect everyone to bring their best, focus and consumables. We also realize people have jobs, families and other obligations and respect that.

We have MC and Ony as farm content, and currently just started downing bosses in BWL, expecting to have that 8/8 next reset.

Due to our more casual nature and growing amount of time needed on raid time with new content, we need to expand our core group so we can maintain a steady raiding schedule of currently 3 days. (back to two when all content is on farm again)

MC/Ony - Sunday
BWL - Monday
BWL - Thursday

Our current goals are improving our MC run’s (current record 1:03h) and clearing BWL (current 3/8), and tuning those in to speed(ish) runs too.

We use a loot system of Loot Prio / Loot Council, and use Discord for all forms of communication.

We are currently open for most classes, some more then others. What we do require is a mature and drama free attitude. Motivation, focus and attendance is required when signing up for raids. Also having a good sense of humor and not being overly fragile or easily offended is a pre.

You have to be familiar with BWL tactics, and are Molten Core experienced/geared. Also be willing to learn and get better. If you only like to join a well oiled loot machine without any interest for working and learning, look elsewhere. If you want to help us improve and play for the fun of it, look no further.

Contact any member in game if interested, to be forwarded to a guild officer.

Update: 8/8 BWL

Contact Bumjuice on Discord Bumjuice #2916 for a chat

Currently most in need for DPS and Fury/Prot warriors and Rogues! Other good players still welcome too of course.

Currently needed:

DPS warriors

And have room for another resto shaman and a hunter

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