Horde on Mirage Raceway

Hey guys, I’d like to know how’s the state for Horde over at Mirage Raceway, is it populated?

Since it doesn’t matter what the balance is on PvE server I was just wondering if Horde side is active and well being!
Couple of friends and I were wondering as we’d like to reroll.

Cheers everyone and thanks for feedback! <3

Also thinking of migrating to a PvE server, but I am unsure how the three different servers are on Horde side.


I just started here and the server seems quite populated on h side, decent amount of ppl leveling, and i saw a lot of them at 60 some rly good geared. Just last night i saw a full scale battle for hillsbrad organised, with a raid of h and one of aly smashing each other there

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