[HORDE] <Revolution> recruiting!

@ EU Shazzrah PvP
[10/10 MC , 1/1 Onyxia] On farm since first week.

Revolution is an international english speaking and semi-hardcore PvE & PvP guild for mature gamers. We take our time seriously because with what we are doing.Your maturity and general interaction with the guild is what we are looking for…

We want to build a cohesive unit of active and skilled players in our ranks. We hope to have all types of players. Furthermore a competent raiding group to make the future content as enjoyable as possible.

The main goal of the guild is going to be a community feeling where all types of players can come together and play without the fear of drama. Our goal in the guild is not to be another chat channel, but being a place you can truly call home.

To ensure a pleasant experience and efficient raid time we expect all members to come prepared on enchants and required consumables, while been full focused during raid times and a generally cooperative and respectful behaviour.

Loot System:
A LootCouncil is put in place to make loot distribution as fair as possible!

Raid Days:
For the current phase we raid on Sunday 11:30 AM until 14:00 PM Server Time.

Currently we are still looking the specific classes/specc to optimize our roster:

  • Two Resto Shamans
  • One Resto Druid
  • One Mage
  • One Fury Warrior
  • Socials and PvP Player for our guild groups.

How to apply:
If you think Revolution is the place for you, poke Zerato#6125 / Robi-Balkano#4666 or check our Discord:

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