Horde server

Hello I just returned to the game this week, I play in Spanish server alliance and they are dead. At least the AH.

I want to create a horde played in a English server, any recommendation???

Thank you.

Horde populated realms that come to mind; Kazzak, Draenor, Tarren Mill, Twisting Nether

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Also remember that from 9.2.7 craft items and consumables will be cross server for the whole of EU.

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This is a good point for someone who is transferring solely because of the AH. I’m not sure that describes the OP, but still, worth considering.

I play alliance , I just want to have a horde character for the other faction quest lines .

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Then the realms Grainne mentioned should be great - they are high pop and lively :slight_smile:

Thank you all :hugs:


Is it a good idea to join those servers as a returning player? Don’t want to rush all content because everybody is a veteran.

Being on a highly populated server does not make your rush anything. It just means there will be more people around you, more guilds available to join, and so on.

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