Horde - Xiop wants you !

Horde |: Razorgore-PvP

is an english speaking EU guild of raiders and friends looking to push the boundaries of classic raiding content with dedicating ourselves to the “hardcore” and PvP playstyle of guilds many of us have been part of in the past.

:muscle: Expectation
• Raiders to be capped and prepared
• Professions and consumables
• Respect eachother
• Non toxic

:crossed_swords: Raiding
• We strive to maintain a 40-55 man raiding team; All members willing to improve and excel at their role may apply to become part of the core roster. We strive to create an environment with as little toxicity as possible, where everyone looks to improve themselves regardless of standing or performance, and where those in need may ask for help without fear of scrutiny. We expect all the members of our core team to play to the absolute best of their ability and will do everything in our power to help someone that wants to improve (e.g instruction, log-analysis, other tips and tricks).

• Current Progression —
Molten Core 10/10
Onyxia 1/1

:date: Schedule (GMT +2)
• Onyxia 8:30 PM Invites - 9:00 PM Start End 12:00 (Server Time) Wednesday !
• Molten Core 7:30 PM Invites - 8:00 PM Start End 12:00 (Server Time) Sunday !

:eye: We welcome all classes, but take note that following classes are of higher neccesity, due to shortage reasons:
Warrior (Tank)
Warrior (Fury)
Druid (Healer)
Shaman (Healer)

Reply here or whisper any of the following, in game, if you are interested: NaivenZ, Mfakkajones, Urindanger, Killzkar.

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