Horde/ally population

Dear Blizzard,

Is it just me or is there a BIG difference between horde and alliance population on the realm Sylvanas. I really like playing as an ally for a difference but Stormwind is in peak hours almost a graveyard where orgrimmar seems to thrive and is what the real classic experience seems to be.

I know it’s no simple objective to balance these kind of things but it should be a no brainer that it’s for multiple sort of content, like profession profession and selling, looking for players for dungeons or just the feeling you play the game with countless others. For new players from 1-60 the LFG dungeon at the alliance side I must note, not what it should be. Waiting hours to find a group to go for deadmines shouldn’t happen in this phase of the game.

People are literally saying in trade “should I roll horde cause stormwind seems empty” and there they go, to play for the horde, which seems to only make the imbalance bigger.

I would love to see a layer system where ally can play pve content with other realms cause I know others realm have similar problems with too much ally and little horde.

Find a way to make this better for the people are playing, they have invested too much in they characters to say “ heck I’ll play horde or ally”.


Someone who wants to see the game get better

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