Hordeling Transfering away!

Alliance run this server, get used to it. We say when Horde can raid, when they can gather materials etc.
Also get some help with your English. Not being rude, but it’s barely readable.

What’s with the boasting and gloating from Alliance players here? If you rolled on real pvp servers, it would be you qq about faction imbalance and being honor farmed nonstop!
Everybody knows RP is why alliance is dominant on this server, same as they are on pve servers, roleplaying shining knights, princesses and queens.
So be happy you still have bad guys to fight and shut it!


Sanwe isn’t one bit triggered.

Not a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

How about we just acknowledge that blizz screwed up by making the population cap per server about 10 times higher than it was 15 years ago while having access to the same amount of space, and how this is negatively affecting the experience of whatever faction happens to be the less played one on each pvp server.

Just because most pvp servers have the alliance as the ones being outnumbered, doesn’t magically negate the same experience of Horde players on ZT.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t feel the realm necessary much more populated that what I experienced back in the days on Burning Legion.

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I think you’re wrong, I don’t have any numbers but I could almost bet it would probably be half max population per server.

Regardless, boasting from alliance is bad of course, but expected when every other realm is so horde dominated.

And also, I’m having difficulty level at 54 too. FP camped, quest mobs camped etc.

Whats wrong with the ‘‘overpopulation’’? More players means longer lifespan of the realm without player’s base suggestions of ‘fixes’’ like merge with others realm in near future.
If there was not enough players you would cry river by now in the same way.

Seriously guys, I think all this whine is coming only from short daylight and long dark days.
Once spring and summer will hit your life, many of you won’t be even around to whine, RP, PVP or anything.
And these who will be still here you will just enjoy your lower population server to RP, etc.
Just because sun is not shining today for your way of gaming doesn’t mean it will not change in the future. And without any transfers and stuff fixes.
Some of you have like 100+ posts already on forums, when one thinks about it, in all that time of reading and replying and making threads, you should already have another 2 characters leveled on different realms.


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